The Whiskey

The Original

JL Sullivan Irish Whiskey

A blend of the finest Single Grain and Single Malt whiskies, aged between 4 to 10 years in Single-Use American Oak Bourbon Barrels. 80 Proof – smooth as can be, yet full of flavor.

Irish Bourbon

JL Sullivan Irish Bourbon

The first ever blend of American Bourbon & Irish Whiskey – a fitting tribute to an Irish American icon. Aged in New Oak & Sherry Casks. 80 Proof – rich bourbon flavor, with a velvety sherry finish.

The Ten Count

JL Sullivan 10 Year Whiskey

Aged for 10 Years, a unique and full bodied whiskey. A blend of 50% Single Malt & 50% Single Grain, aged in Single Use Bourbon Barrels and finished in Sherry Casks. 92 Proof & not chill-filtered.