The Man

  • The last Bare-Knuckle Boxing Heavyweight Champion of the World
  • The first Gloved Heavyweight Champion of the World
  • Defended his Bare-Knuckle title in 1889, for the final time in a historic 75 round fight (yes, SEVENTY FIVE)
  • The first American athlete to become a national celebrity, and to earn over $1 million (in 1890 dollars)
  • Revered Sporting Man (A 'Sporting Man', was one who frequented saloons, gambled, attended races & prize fights, fancied top hats, diamond brooch pins & canes, drank liquor, and associated with 'Sporting Women'.)
  • Renowned vaudeville performer
  • Close friends with President Teddy Roosevelt, they even sparred a couple rounds
  • An icon of the saloon culture, his portrait hung on the wall of nearly every establishment across the nation
  • Known for his trademark phrase upon entering a saloon, can beat any son-of-a-bitch in the house. He always did and then he bought the house a round
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